Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New Direction

A lot has happened in the last year since I posted an entry. I am in Denver, Colorado in graduate school studying International Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance. I often draw upon my experiences working with youth in Nashville. Constantly I am drawn back to youth who need some extra attention: weekly tutoring a child who lives in a single family household. I have been contemplating volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club as well as with refugees at the African Community Center. Volunteering really adds a great deal to my life and I never want to take anything in my life for granted, I want to give back as much as I can.

Being on a college campus again is exhilarating and to be surrounded by people who have a passion for the world and are so aware of things going on is refreshing. This summer I am interning with a Kenyan Nonprofit in Denver which I have also enjoyed.

Another exciting development...this November I will travel to India through a service learning program and class. We will work with Tibetan refugees. I love putting my education to work and I feel so fortunate because I received scholarship money. Learning to me is more than reading a book but feeling my heart beat and feeling a deeper connection with others. More information about the program: http://www.du.edu/intl/isl/isl_dharamsala.html

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