Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bails Bondsmen

So we are always thinking about different ways to recruit, children and volunteers. We especially want to know that the children who have an incarcerated parent are all being served. So brainstorming one day I realized that some families who often deal with incarceration might find themselves at the Bails Bondsmen. So one day last week I spent the day going downtown to tell the different offices about the program and provide brochures. I still have more to go to but I made a dent. It was very fascinating because I feel it takes a special person to be a Bails Bondsmen, I saw a man in a Hawaiian shirt playing video games, I saw men in suites, I saw it all. It was nice to be out of the cubicle today and be in my element for the day taking to people of all walks of life. Everyone that heard about the program was impressed with the roots of the program and how one man who had an incarcerated parent and had a mentor could have the vision to become mayor of Phili, a pastor, and create the Amachi Program for children to benefit in the same way he did.

It was a very productive day from talking to bails bondsmen, police officers, and youth workers. I love being out in the field and I know that there can be a domino effect. After people are empowered with the knowledge of what is going on in the community they can make a change.

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